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Healthtrust HPG Members – Please take a look at our HPG contract (#5513) – We are saving HPG hospitals all over the country significant money with a great product line.
3 Year Shelf Life – Longest in the industry.
60” Leadwire – Longest in the industry.
Heart Sync is the only one in our market that can private label our product for you.
Opportunities exist for international distribution of our product – We are ISO13485 Certified, GMP, CE Mark, FDA 510(k)’s.
We have in stock, the Heart Sync version of the Cardiac Science Defibrillation Electrode (Crosses with their #9131-001).
Please call or email us with any questions!

A history of advances

For more than 25 years, Heart Sync has been pioneering the design and development of disposable electrodes for cardiac resuscitation and pacing. A proven leader in the field of arrhythmia management, Heart Sync evolved from the latest innovations in disposable defibrillation electrode technology.

Beginning with grounding pads used for electro surgery, we then spearheaded the technological advances that led to broad acceptance of disposable defibrillator electrodes. Further advances include: transparent defibrillator electrodes, mini pediatric and pediatric defibrillator electrodes, special adhesives for long-term use, special packaging for pre-connection, and now 60-inch lead wire with a three-year shelf life.

Heart Sync, Inc. brings superior product knowledge to market with the Heart Sync line of American-made adult and pediatric defibrillator electrodes. The Heart Sync family of defibrillation electrodes includes direct connection to all major defibrillators.

Consultative Expertise

Prepared for any situation

Used for defibrillation, pacing, cardioversion, and monitoring, our multifunction electrodes come prepared for any clinical need or patient situation. Heart Sync is compatible with Physio-Control, ZOLL, Hewlett-Packard, Philips and Welch Allyn (see our 510(k)).

  • Heart Sync can provide onsite conversion of current cables to accept our electrodes.
  • Our radiotransparent and radiotranslucent “one-pad system” enables pads to remain with the patient as they move through various care environments.
  • Our 60-inch lead wire is the longest on the market. It offers you more room to work with around the patient.
  • We designed our foam pads to take up less room on a patient’s body while leaving the conductor plate the standard size. Now, it’s easier to ensure the optimal one-inch separation from the grounding pad, mapping pad, EKG electrodes and corresponding defibrillation pad.
  • Our polymer adhesive gels provide superior contact, while offering uniform current distribution and more effective defibrillation and pacing.
  • All products are Latex-free.

Defibrillation Standardization

Offering a true defibrillation standardization for your facility

Having one universal pad means caregivers won’t need to change pads due to incompatibility of various models. With Heart Sync, standardization can be achieved throughout an entire hospital and emergency response system.

  • Improving patient safety
  • Helping avoid confusion

You can significantly reduce the potential for confusion that comes with having multiple vendor products being distributed throughout your system. With one universal pad, caregivers will know that their equipment has the right electrodes.

  • Having one universal pad simplifies ordering of supplies from central distribution. Your purchasing department can now order from one vendor.
  • Reduction of SKUs
  • Significant cost savings

Our pricing is often lower than the discounted priced offered by most manufacturers. Plus, our 36-month shelf life means additional savings when compared to the 24-month industry standard.

The Heart Sync Standardization Plan

The Heart Sync standardization team will come to your facility, standardize all of your manual defibrillators to one common connection, swap out existing product, and provide extensive inservicing to your staff.

  • Using heat shrink tubing, adapters are attached to existing OEM cables creating a semi-permanent connection. Every cable is then tested, labeled and certified to be in full working order.
  • We remove all non-compatible defibrillation electrodes after the standardization is complete. Heart Sync provides a one-for-one swap of existing, non-compatible defibrillation electrodes in your facility. This avoids any clinical confusion when it comes to which electrode works with which defibrillator.
  • We offer clinical inservicing to the leader of each department. We also provide leave behind flyers that cover important aspects of the standardization.
  • Upon completion, our Heart Sync defibrillation electrodes will work on every brand of defibrillation and pacing equipment in every department.

Providing a complete lineup

We offer a complete lineup of electrodes, allowing clinicians to select the most appropriate electrode to meet their needs.

Radiotransparent, radiolucent, leads out, and pediatric electrodes.

Learn more about our advanced electrodes, our intuitive packaging, and our broad compatibility.