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Wire as far as the eye can see.

Heart Sync offers the longest lead wire available, giving clinicians more room to better treat their patients.

60″ & 120″

You have specific needs. We have the full portfolio.

Radiotranslucent, radiotransparent, leads in, leads out, pediatric, and sterile.

The longest lasting electrodes on the market…period.

Heart Sync pads offer a remarkable 36 month shelf life. At least 50% longer than other electrodes available.

Sterile product lines offer a 24 month shelf life and the T100-CS offers 30 months.

Heart Sync Electrodes Shelf Life 100%
Other Electrodes Shelf Life 50%

Colors for clarity.

Heart Sync’s color coded pad placement system helps prevent user error in a fast paced environment.

We have also included educational illustrations suggesting the proper placement of the pads.


Lower Left (LL)



Right Apex (RA)


Never miss a step.

Clear, user-friendly instructions on the release liner.

Heart Sync’s white release liners help prevent slipping accidents when liners fall onto the floor.